Why Aren’t Kids Allowed To Stay At Home Alone?

             Why aren’t kids allowed to stay at home alone?


Firstly kids should be allowed to stay home alone because we are old enough and mature enough. Once I was old enough to stay home alone that’s what they did. So why can’t you do that with your kid?


If you feel uncomfortable with your kid staying home alone then just install cameras. There are some cameras that when you’re away you can see what’s going on 247.


Also if something bad happens witch is very unlikely, they can go next door and get help or called 000. Just like when my mum goes out she tells me if something bad happens go get help or call 000.


So why can’t you start letting your kid stay home alone today?

100 word challenge

Did you know that some people don’t know what global warming is? Well I think that they should. If they knew what it is they can help stop it. Global warming is because of us. We’re the ones that’s making the arctic melt. What about the Polar Bares? What about the Seals and the Penguins? This just won’t effect them. It’ll effect us as well. Because the arctic is about a third of the sea. So if it melts those guys won’t have anywhere to live and the sea will come in closer to us and then we’ll be effected.

100 word challenge

Have you ever thought what it’s like being a baboon? Well guess what I’m a baboon and it’s so bad!!!!!!! Everyone says we have big bottoms. We don’t just have big bottoms. We have cool tails so our family members can hold on to them so we can stay together. We’re also smarter then lions because we stay high up in the trees. And why do you think we’re always being called stupid? BECAUSE HUMANS DON’T KNOW THESE THINGS ABOUT US! But being a baboon isn’t so bad. It’s just if humans knew about us it wouldn’t be so bad.                    

The Dragon and the King

Once a dragon was born and his name was well ‘Dragon’. The army of Brook were looking for something to give to the king. One of them spotted the young dragon and they caught him.


Dragon was frightened he got put into a sack and once he was let out he flew up to he king’s shoulder. The king didn’t seem bad he was actually nice. For the first night dragon was there he got his own room. But in the middle of the night he got scared so the king brought him into his room and he was happy there.


Dragon grew up to be a kind and loyal pet. The king loved him like his own child. But on that very day he met a beautiful young lady and he fell in love. A few years later they had a son called ‘Charles’.


The king and queen cared so much for their son they forgot about Dragon. So the army took Dragon back to his home. But Dragon wanted to be with his king.


So he went through The Forrest of Darkness, The Dead Ocean and then he got to the castle. He rushed up to the king and the king wrapped his arms around Dragon and said sorry for forgetting him. The king loved dragon for the rest of his life.

100 word challenge

The last time I saw something beautiful was a rose. It just wasn’t any rose it was the lost emerald rose. Why don’t I tell you a story? I was a young lady on the hunt for the lost emerald rose. we were on this island called Mouwi. The people were generous enough to let us go in the temple. But the chief waned us that if we touched the rose we’d touch the rose the keeper of the rose would rise and turn us into pure emerald. He called for the gardenia of the rose witch’s the Silver Wolf.

Chook the dog

It was a poor and gloomy night. There puppies were born. Their fur was like the black midnight sky, they felt like the softest silk in the world.


In the middle of the night there was a storm! Everything was a blur. The morning was here as Mother Hen woke up she said “Mmm Hmm that’s not one of my chicks!” She looked for his mum but she was no where to be found.


“Where is his mother?” she thought that his mum was a pig or something. So she went over to the pig pen. She spoke to Miss pig. ” Miss Pig you are a darn tooting bad mother!” she yelled


“How dare you!” she yelled back. All the animals gathered to watch the fight. It was like a boxing match! Miss Pig leaped out into the air and said “TAKE THIS!”. She landed on Mother Hen! “I give up!” saying as she was getting peeled off Miss Pig’s muddy rump.


Chook woke up and went to go and find his mum. He wondered over to a huge red house, he went inside to see an older dog just like him. Over he went he asked “Are you my mum?”.


She came over to him and exclaimed she was. His two sisters were waiting for him. His family was now whole again.



My first 100 word challenge!!!!!!

My heart began to melt. A a car was going straight for him. I don’t know why but I just leaped out and pushed him out of the way. I can’t believe I risked my life for a dog! But Prince is my best friend and I also love him. Once we got home Prince rushed over to Lily his wife. There were six beautiful puppies bundled up to her. If you were wondering of what they looked like well, their fur was like the shinning golden sun and their eyes was like the shimmering silver moon. And that’s amazing!

welcome to Isabella’s dog blog!!!

Hi welcome to Isabella’s dog blog!!!!!!

this blog will be fun and always updated. the only information that will be posted is for school. if you do comment please be sensible and have fun!!!!!!!! 🙂

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